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​​​What is The JLH Foundation?

JLH is a charitable foundation that was established by the Hooker Family in Alameda County, California in 2001. Its purpose is to support the well being of children and youth through educational programs.

How does JLH fulfill its mission of helping young people?

The foundation makes grants to community-based; grass- roots organizations that work with children and youth, especially those at risk and disadvantaged due to such factors as poor health, illiteracy, or insufficient educational and cultural opportunities.

What are the themes or priorities in JLH's grant making?

JLH focuses upon three areas: (A) helping children and youth live healthy lives through education and prevention; (B) helping live literate lives through learning; and (3) helping live culturally enriched lives through arts education.

In what communities does JLH support work with young people?

JLH is located in Oakland, California, and it supports local Bay Area and northern California nonprofits. But the foundation's service area also includes the remainder of California, the United States, and nations around the world.

What are the sources of JLH's funds?

The JLH Foundation is supported by the Hooker Family and its musical organization, as well as through contributions from individuals who have been fans of John Lee Hooker and his musical artistry.

How can one contribute to the charitable work of JLH?

JLH is a public charity and must continue to demonstrate public support in order to carry on its philanthropic efforts. Therefore contributions are welcome and may be sent to the foundation office at: Jorstad Inc, 1000 Fourth St., Ste 375, Santa Rosa, CA 94901. These will be acknowledged in writing. Please do not send cash. Deductions may be made to the extent permitted by law.

Who is eligible to apply to The JLH Foundation?

JLH makes grants in the United States only to federal tax-exempt 501©(3) nonprofit organizations. Outside of the U.S. other rules may apply, about which inquiries are invited. JLH does not make grants to individuals. Nonprofit organizations that have not received a tax-exempt letter must work through a fiscal agent that has such exemption.

​​​​​How does a nonprofit organization apply to JLH?

First, read about JLH on the web site. Second, prepare a Letter of Inquiry (the Foundation does not have any prescribed application forms). This document should include all of the basic information about your organization, the proposed project, and how you would use grant funds.

​What specific information needs to be provided in the Letter of Inquiry?

(A) Background about the organization and its programs; (B) project or program for which support is requested; (C) description of the needs addressed and the goals of the grant project; (D) amount requested and what other support has been pledged or is pending; (E) project time line; (F) project budget; (G) current budget for the applicant organization; (H) list of the board of directors; (I) evaluation plan; and , (J) documentation of the applicant's federal tax-exempt status.

​​Are there deadlines for applying to JLH?

Letters of Inquiry are invited at any time. Assuming all of the requested information is included in the Letter of Inquiry or through subsequent contact with the foundation, the review and decision process normally takes from 60-90 days after a complete application has been submitted.

​How much support may be requested?

JLH's typical grants are between $500.00-$1,500. Grants for larger amounts will also be reviewed, but in no event should the amount requested exceed $2,500.00.

What is the time frame permitted for grants?

The majority of JLH's grants are for up to one year. In some cases a multi-year grant of up to two or three years may be awarded, but it is usually the case that continuing grants need to be renewed annually.

Is there a requirement for evaluation of the grant?

Typically a one-year project will require a report at the end of the grant or in connection with a final installment payment. JLH also reserves the right to conduct its own evaluation of any project supported by foundation funds.

​​​​​Are there other limitations or exclusions in JLH's grant making?

JLH ordinarily does not make grants for capital projects (buildings and facilities), fund-raising drives, dinners or raffles, or deficit campaigns. It will not make more than one grant a calendar year to any one organization.

​How often does the JLH board of directors meet?

The JLH board of directors meets four to five times a year.

Does JLH permit presentations to the board of directors?

No. In order to treat all grant applicants equally, the only available contact is through the submitted materials. But if applicants have questions they may contact staff at the foundation as indicated below.

What is the board of directors looking for in a grant?

The board reviews and deliberates over every completed grant application. Questions that are addressed as part of a funding decision include: Is the project and its goals compatible with JLH's Mission? Is the project well conceived and attainable? Is the applicant organization capable of conducting the project? Is the budget clear and realistic? Are there other funders involved?

​​Where can one obtain more information about JLH?

The JLH Foundation web site on the Internet is the best single source of information. It is immediately available, includes extensive background, and is updated regularly. Check it out for more background on the foundation's mission & values, goals & priorities, grant and application guidelines, current grants, and other information

​If one cannot access the Internet, is other information available?

The JLH Foundation may also be contacted by US mail at 3602 Chapel Hill Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135. Please include the name of the organization, your name and the mailing address to which you would like information to be sent. Please allow several weeks for any exchange of correspondence.